Benefits of Baby Massage

Evidence has shown that loving touching and nurturing contact between parent and baby has a positive impact on their subsequent development and can play a vital role in digestion and growth;

  • Relaxation – Baby Massage stimulates the production of oxytocin and protactin which are hormones that help you and your baby to relax
  • Promotes baby / parent attachment or “bonding”
  • Decreases stress hormones
  • Helps baby’s develop their first communication tool – touch
  • Calms the nervous system which promotes regular sleep patterns
  • Improves muscle tone and flexibility
  • Improves skin condition, blood circulation and digestion
  • Balances respiration
  • Helps with colic, constipation and teething pains
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Builds respect and trust between parent / carer and baby
  • Helps build parent / carer and babies self esteem
  • Facilitates body awareness
  • Helps parents / carers learn about their baby’s body and development
  • Helps parent / carers develop an increased understanding of their baby’s cues and responses
  • Pleasurable experience for parents / carers and baby
  • Assists with post-natal depression

Massage can also help babies who are premature and those with disabilities too, improving muscle tone and stimulating growth hormones.