Which oil should I use for Baby Massage?

The oil I suggest using for Baby Massage is an Organic Vegetable based oil. The one I use in my classes is an Organic Sunflower oil. It is packed full of vitamins and nutrients which nourish your baby's skin. It doesn't have a smell so it does not interfere with the bonding process between you and your baby, and if it gets onto your baby's hands and they put their hands in their mouth it is not going to cause them any harm as it is vegetable based and easily digested.

Another oil that you might want to use is Coconut Oil as this is particularly suitable for babies that have hypersensitive skin.

Is Baby Massage Safe? When should it be avoided?

Baby Massage is gentle and safe to use with your baby, however, there are times where it might be best to avoid giving your baby a massage. Generally before you start a massage you always check that your baby is happy and healthy. You want to avoid massage if your baby has any sickness, diarrhoea, fever, any undiagnosed lumps and bumps, a rash or if they are generally feeling a little unwell. If your baby has any open sores or cuts and bruises on the skin you would also not massage over these areas.

If your baby has any kind of chronic condition please do make sure that you consult with your GP or health practitioner before you begin the massage.

When is the best time for Baby Massage?

The best time to massage your baby is the best time for you and your baby. If you can find a time in your babies day where they are happy and relaxed, that they have had a nap, leaving maybe 30-40 minutes after they have had a feed - this is a great time to discover Baby Massage together.

How do I know my baby is enjoying the massage?

You will know if your baby is enjoying the massage because they will be giving you lots of subtle cues such as eye contact, cooing and having nice relaxed body language.

If your baby cries during a massage it does not mean that they are not enjoying it, or that you are doing anything wrong, it could be that they just want to do something else at that particular time. Remember that when babies cry they are just trying to talk to us and communicate their needs. Always pick your baby up and give them a cuddle if they cry and find out what they need, then carry on with the massage if you want to or wait until another time.

When is the best time to start to learn Baby Massage?

There is no perfect time to massage your baby. In many cultures around the world babies are massaged from birth. If you are going to attend a class it is normally a good idea to do this from 6-8 weeks after you have had a postnatal check with your doctor.

How much should I massage my baby?

I would suggest massaging your baby once or twice a day if you can, however, any time that you spend massaging your baby is a great way to bond, connect and communicate how much you love him/her.