Expert Sessions for Unsettled Babies / Colic

Help relieve your baby from wind and colic today.

Learn to settle your baby and promote sleep - Soothe and calm your baby naturally and gently


The Natural Soothe, Settle & Sleep Program uses tried and tested calming techniques and is designed to give you the skills to help comfort, settle and relax your child.

The Natural Soothe, Settle & Sleep Program covers;

  • Baby Massage and Baby Yoga techniques for babies to help soothe colic, constipation, teething and colds
  • Safe and gentle use of essential oils and aromatherapy to enhance baby’s wellbeing
  • Tried and tested natural settling techniques
  • Bedtime ritual using natural calming methods and baby massage
  • Baby Yoga session to encourage active and stimulating daytime play
  • Daily program bringing all the natural techniques into a practical plan
  • Advice for you on how to cope, relax and unwind

You will also receive the Rub a Dub Gentle Start Parent and Baby Kit including;

Rub a Dub Baby Massage Oil
An emailed Guide to Baby Massage
A Parents Guide to Relaxation
An emailed Soothe, Settle & Sleep Workbook

You will also be able to purchase any of these essential oil for babies: Chamomile Roman, Eucalyptus, Mandarin and Lavender oil

The Program has been created by Gayle Berry of Blossom & Berry, an expert in baby massage, consultant and author of “Baby Massage-Expert Know-How at your fingertips”.

Click here to view a video by Baby Massage Expert Gayle Berry, Blossom & Berry, on the three steps to settling techniques for new Mums.