Aromatherapy or the use of aromatics has existed for centuries. It involves the application of essential oils to boost health and wellbeing. Essential oils are extracted from a variety of different natural sources such as plants, flowers, fruit, bark and roots. They are considered to be vegetable hormones containing the “life force” of the plant. Aromatherapy works on our sense of smell and by absorption into the bloodstream. Odours travel to the roof of the nose, where olfactory receptors transport odours straight to a part of the brain called the limbic system. This area is connected with instinct, mood and emotion, and it’s thought that aromatherapy may stimulate the release of chemicals which in turn play a part in unlocking emotions .

Aromatherapy is very gentle to use during pregnancy and can help to enhance your general health and wellbeing. Blends are bespoke to help balance your body.

Babies and children can benefit from essential oils blended either in massage oils or in a vaporiser. You can buy pre blended aromatherapy products or have an individual consultation with an aromatherapist. A bespoke aromatherapy blend for babies and children can be a brilliant way to extend and further the benefits of massage.